Things to know


[Location, local rules, staying safe at the beach, and other helpful things]

Room for all of you at Blue Star Bluff

Located 6 miles north of South Haven and 12 miles south of Saugatuck/Douglas, Blue Star Bluff is a quiet and beautiful getaway located on a high bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. 

The secluded setting in an area of lakefront homes ensures your family time or friends getaway will be memorable and comfortable.  Blue Star Bluff is a well-equipped rental for up to 8 people:  just bring yourselves. 

Due to past erosion, there is no access to the beach in summer of 2023.  There is plenty to see and do from this beautiful perch.

 Please do these things:

1) Enjoy the spectacular view but do not climb on the bluff face.  Stay back from the edge and respect the fragile ecosystem.  Do not throw anything over the edge and don't attempt to retrieve lost items.

2) Use only the provided firepit for a fire, placed on the sand/slate area, and make sure it is extinguished before you sleep.  Never throw ash onto the bluff face (if you want to emtpy it, put it in the compost bin by garage service door). Use the wood under the deck (crib wood is not seasoned). Fireworks are not allowed at any time. 

3) We expect that the guest count in your reservation is the final guest count--do not exceed 8 guests as we are registered in Casco Township with this limit.  Guests exceeding the registered limit will have their booking cancelled.

4) Please respect 3 spaces that are off limits:  one locked closet on the main floor for housekeeping; storage in the upper garage area; and a locked cabinet with wifi equipment upstairs in the Ralco Room. Thanks!

Getting here


The address of Blue Star Bluff is 876 1/2 Blue Star Hwy, South Haven, MI 49090.  The "1/2" doesn't always map--if you use 876 Blue Star you'll get to the correct driveway entrance.  Enter through the white fence corners onto a shared dirt drive.  You'll see our neighbor's tennis court on your left when entering the drive, and a brown metal house on the right.  We are the house closest to the lake at the end of the drive, with "876 1/2" clearly mounted next to the front door.  Welcome! 


Blue Star Bluff is located equidistant from the Grand Rapids, MI Airport (GRR) and the South Bend, Indiana airport (SBN).  South Bend is on a different time zone 6 months of the year. Blue Star Bluff is in the Eastern Time zone and observes daylight savings time.


If you have 3 or 4 cars, park one in the garage for the duration of your stay, or leave a car at the South Haven Meijer parking lot (which allows overnight parking).  The grassy areas around the house are NOT Blue Star Bluff property and parking is not permitted there. Keep all vehicles in the driveway or on the concrete slab. 

Driveway tips

View from Blue Star Hwy


Abide by the Casco Good Neighbor Policy

Be aware of rip currents & beach safety

In case of emergency:  Dial 9-1-1

Your location:  876 1/2 Blue Star Highway in Casco Township, Allegan County (NOT South Haven city), just south of 109th Avenue.  

Hospital:  Bronson South Haven, 955 S. Bailey Ave, South Haven, MI 49090.  This Hospital has an emergency room but no urgent care.

Nearest Urgent Care: Corewell Health Watervliet Hospital Walk-in Clinic,  400 Medical Park Drive, Watervliet, MI 49098.  Phone:  269-463-3600.