Comfort and Fun

[Feeling comfortable and at home at Blue Star Bluff]

Kitchen and Grill

Instructions for the induction stovetop are in the middle drawer below the cooktop.  Look around to find serving dishes, pots and pans, pantry items, and small appliances.  If you're makin' bacon, use the oven method and drain the grease in the provided jars.  We'll dispose of it.  The grill needs to be lit manually--grill lighter in the top drawer left of the sink.  Bon Appetit!

Restrooms and toiletries

Each of the 3 bathrooms is equipped with shampoo & conditioner, body wash, and hair dryer.  If you forgot something, there's a small stash of necessities in the linen closet upstairs.  Guest towels are already placed in the bathrooms, but if you need an additional towel, please check the linen closet.  Every guest has a beach towel in the linen closet.  Please use those for visits to the beach, only. At the end of your stay, leave all used towels in the bathroom.

Sleeping Comfortably

Beds are made with a light comforter.  In cooler seasons, you might find an additional light blanket or comforter on the bed.  Extra pillows are in bedroom closets and the linen closet--find one you like! If you need to change sheets during your stay, extra linens are available in the linen closet.  Please leave beds unmade when checking out.

While guests usually use air conditioning, there are fans available in the house to keep air moving on the 3 hot and humid days we get each summer.  It's usually cooler at the Lake!

Trash, recycling, optional composting, unused food

The white bin under the kitchen sink and in all bathrooms is for trash.  When full, empty the trash into the big bins located under the stairway in the garage.  Liners are in the garage.  

The following items are completely optional but we appreciate your ecological efficiency very much!

Recycling (paper, metal, glass and plastic) can be placed in the marked blue bin at the top of the garage stairs.  

Returnables: Michigan has a returnable can & bottle law, so any bottle or can from a carbonated drink can be returned (place that in the marked bin in the garage).  (We will sort and return after you leave, and appreciate you leaving all cans and bottles in the blue bins rather than the garbage). 

Composting:  We are not great composters ourselves but we also don't have a garbage disposal so you are welcome to put fruit and vegetable waste in the black compost bin under the kitchen sink and empty it into the compost bin outside the garage service door.  No big deal if you want to skip this.

Unused food:  If you don't wish to carry unopened food home with you--including perishables (yogurt, etc), we prefer that you leave these items in the fridge rather than emptying all into the trash.  We are happy to donate unused, unopened food to our community food pantry.

Baby Gear

Blue Star Bluff has a crib, changing table, pack-n-play, high chair, booster seat, and baby dishes.  These items are NOT set up unless requested in advance.  Let us know if any of these items are needed.

Fire Pit

We have a decent supply of firewood available for your use.  Please keep the fire pit on the designated slate/sand area at all times.  Ensure that the fire is out before sleeping as wind can pick up in the night.  For 2023, use the firewood below the deck. The woodcrib wood is for 2024--it's not seasoned--please come back next year!

Televisions and Wifi

Cast to the 65" TV in the lower level from your own streaming account.  Blue Star Bluff is not served by cable--we formed an internet company to solve this issue! Don't unplug the locked cabinet in the Ralco Room bedroom--you'll lose wifi and so will our neighbors.

Additional TVs are located in the primary bedroom and bunkbed bedroom. Charging stations for your iphone are located around the house. The wifi password is posted in the living room on the side table.  The cell service can be poor due to few towers and many tourists (facts beyond our control!) --use wifi calling on your phone to overcome this issue.

Games and Books

The games closet in the hallway in the lower level has games for all ages including scrabble, mexican train dominoes, and many board games.  You'll find cards in the buffet. There are plenty of interesting books scattered throughout the house.  Outdoor games are in the garage--please bring them in if rain is predicted.

Beach chairs & Towels

You'll find at least 8 beach chairs of varying styles in the garage for your beach outings.  Two chaise lounges are in the yard near the wood crib.  Beach towels for everyone plus two for the kids are in the linen closet.  We recommend north beach or south beach in South Haven, Oval Beach in Saugatuck, or West Side Allegan County Park (2152 Lakeshore Dr, Fennville, MI 49408).  West Side County Park is completely free.

Laundry and clean-up

In case your fun and games requires clean-up,  use the laundry facilities on the lower level.  Wash with just a tablespoon of laundry soap and on short wash only.  When done with the washer, leave the washer door open.  If you need to clean up a spill or vacuum, find supplies in the closet at the top of the stairs or on the main floor.  Treat red wine upholstery spills with soda water in the fridge or the orange capped "spot shot" in the upstairs supply closet.  

Please do not start laundry for us when your rental concludes.  Just have fun!